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Hi! I’m Mayel. If we were to meet randomly at a party, you might try recognising my accent and guessing where I’m from until you give up! I call myself a glomad and recently spent five years living out of a suitcase. I’m addicted to travel and exploring the world - in the past few years I have spent time in over 20 countries, but I’m not really counting. It’s less about the destinations (or about the sights), and more about the journey! I prefer staying somewhere for a while, really getting to know the culture, the people, and even how to cook the local specialities.

I’m a developer and social entrepreneur. I enjoy hacking things to find what makes them tick, and occasionally inventing things. I’ve had the pleasure of building a lot of fun things, including: Podemus, a podcasting platform (back in 2005); LeLab.TV, a video platform (which I also produced video content for, including a collaboration with The Yes Men); Babelverse, an award-winning startup that took on the challenge of the ‘universal translator’, powered by a global community of interpreters; and most recently, GetAcross, a non-profit project helping refugees access volunteer interpreters.

Need help with any of these?

With over 10 years experience as a startup founder and over 15 years as a full-stack web app developer, I can help you with a wide range of projects. Whether it be defining a project’s strategy, designing the features and architecture, building and launching the website or app, or setting up the servers. On top of my core technical skills, I’ve been in charge of everything from product design to project management, pitching to fundraising, hiring to project management, community building to customer service, branding to PR to social media, and even marketing and sales when that couldn’t be avoided…

I’m currently available for:

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